Website Design

Web designer at work

All new webites are built on the rock solid Wordpress platform. This gives you confidence that your site will be secure and perform well, and be mobile friendly and responsive to the viewer.
Working from any existing publicity material, an idea you may have or starting from scratch, I will design your site the way you want it.
Each stage of the process is published to private webspace where you will be able to comment and adjust as the design progresses.

Before we start

You can help us both before we start the project by having some idea as to what you would like.

Is this a brochure type or e-commerce website? Will you have media, such as music or movies?

I think one of the best ways of doing this is to make a note of a few website addresses which look or operate in a way that you like. They don't have to offer the same products or services, and it may just be a colour scheme or another factor which grabs your eye. This will help steer me in the direction you would like to go.

As we proceed

Your site will be published on private webspace as it is developed, giving you the chance to comment and adjust it as it evolves. I normally offer a sample of the opening page first to get the style as you want it, then add the content to the other pages.

No charges are normally made before the site is completed and live on the internet, except for domain name purchase, or perhaps a small advance on a bigger project

Search Engines

Whilst I cannot guarantee search ranking position, I use best practices to optimise you website for your favoured search terms. This includes correct backround coding of title and description code, use of heading tags and alternative image code.

You can help this process by finding which search phrases bring you the most relevant competing websites in your market sector. I can then use this information to make your site as competative with them as possible.

Wordpress websites will include Yoast SEO module to help your search rankings. You may wish to upgrade this to a Premium version to improve results.

Please be aware that search results often take a few weeks to appear once the site is live.


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