Website design

This is the biggest variable as it depends on the complexity of your website.

As a guide, you would expect to pay £200 for a single page with a bespoke design,and this could include custom graphics, photos and embedded video.

Add a navigation system and multiple pages and a 10 page website might cost around £400

More information on design on this page

Web hosting

Built on a commercial cloud platform, my web hosting is ideal for a wide range of websites, projects and applications.

It is provided by renowned hosting company Heart Internet.

The annual fee is just £50 - £75 for Wordpress sites with full update and backup service.

For a full list of features please look at this page

Domain name registration

Great value for money domain names with no hidden costs or inflated renewal/transfer fees.

Each domain comes with a host of free services including web and email forwarding.

Price just £11 per year for and £17 for .com - hundreds of other extensions available.
Read more about domain names

Monthly payments

I am able to offer you a fully designed website for 12 monthly payments. This price would include updates and additions to your website during that period, subject to a reasonable use policy.

The price for a £400 website, for example, would be £40 per month and at the end of the 12 month period there would be the option to continue a reduced monthly payment for ongoing maintenance, or to switch to 'pay as you go'.

For more complex sites there may be an upfront fee, subject to negotiation.

The domain name registration and hosting fees would be invoiced separately in the first month.

Add ons

Exchange mailbox: £10 per month

Additional mailbox space: (1gb included) £10 per year per gigabyte

Domain privacy: Hide your personal details on any .com, .net, .org, .biz, .me or .xxx domain name. £10 per year per domain name.


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